our manifesto

Cartography Digest is an experimental visual platform aiming to stretch the boundaries of photography and map new territories.  

We, the founders - as visual artists and researchers ourselves - want to provide a space where we can discuss the tropes and clichés of photography, the practices of circulation, accessibility and representation.

Our main goal is not to explore what photography is, but what photography can do. We promote alternative views, counter-practices and unpopular opinions that could shift the focus and transform the dominant media narratives.

By experimenting with different practices we aim to act as catalysts for a greater collective change through collaboration, solidarity and care.

This platform is an organic, constantly growing and changing body. We embrace uncertainty and we love surprises. If you believe in our mission, we would love to hear from you!

Core Team:

Anna Kućma
Dafni Melidou
Rafael Roncato
Will Boase